Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence in Education in 2020

Mount Eliza High School was established on this site in February 1975 with Mrs Daphne Sherringham, as the first Principal together with 16 teachers, 69 Year 8 and 124 Year 7 students. The school was housed in one permanent building and many portables.

It was fortunate, that in the mid 1970s the Education Department was prepared to construct buildings and facilities of superior design, size and construction. Successive blocks were added and in June, 1977, Mr Lindsay Thompson, Minister for Education, officially opened the College.

The College was located in a picturesque site rich in native vegetation. With the motto of “Protect” as the ideal, the grounds have been developed, improved and maintained over the years.

Mrs Margaret Major was appointed as Principal in February, 1979 and a tradition of high achievement was established. This has been sustained and built upon throughout successive years. The College continued to attract teachers who set high standards and had the ability and commitment to elicit work of quality from our students.

In September 1985 Mrs Major retired as Principal and Mr Rod Ogilvie was appointed. From the earliest days the school promoted extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Our students forged a commendable record in sporting competitions, dramatic and musical performances and in a wide variety of other inter-school competitions.

At the start of 1993 Mr Charles Cattermole was appointed acting Principal until Mr Andrew Blair’s appointment in term two 1994. During Mr Blair’s term as Principal a number of changes took place including the building of the ‘Atrium’ and new Design Block area.

Mr John Keysers, the sixth Principal of the College was appointed in April 2003 until September 2008. Mr Keysers had a long history at the school prior to this as a Science teacher, VCE Co-ordinator and Assistant Principal.

Ms Yvonne Watts was Acting Principal from September 2008 until the appointment of Mrs Heather Worrall as Acting Principal in January 2009.

Mr Geoff Petrie, a former teacher and Assistant Principal at the College for many years was appointed to the Principal position in July 2010.

Mrs Angela Pollard is the current Principal and was appointed in November 2012.

Mr James Barut has been appointed as the Acting Principal of Mount Eliza Secondary College (October 2020).