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At the commencement of the 2016 school year ALL students will be required to wear the new uniform.

Our Uniform Shop operator, Dobsons, has now commenced trading and the details of their trading hours, together with a pricelist, can be found on this page.   Please also read the two letters, also found on this page which were sent out to our families regarding the Uniform Policy in 2014 and beyond.

We hope that all parents will continue to support the school by ensuring that their student wears their correct uniform. Clearly, the manner in which our uniform is worn reflects not only on the school itself, but also on the individual student and their family.

As a school we are very proud of what we offer our students and we look forward to them making a strong symbolic statement to the local and broader community about their respect for the school, by wearing their uniforms with pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Is the blazer compulsory with the new uniform?

The blazer is a compulsory part of the school uniform.  It must be worn at least when travelling to and from school in terms two and three, and can be worn all day as an additional layer.
In terms one and four, when the summer uniform must be worn, the blazer is also compulsory.  It may be removed however when travelling to and from school if high temperatures warrant it, but the pullover must not be worn as an outer garment in its place.

This means therefore that students must have their blazer with them at all times throughout the year.

2.       Can my daughter wear leggings and socks instead of tights?

No. The uniform requires girls to wear either black tights, or dark grey socks. In extreme weather girls may wear black socks under their tights, but the tights should be sufficiently thick that the socks are not visible.

3.      The new uniform includes a black spray jacket. Can this be worn instead of the blazer?

No. The jacket is designed for rain protection only. Students can wear the jumper and the blazer for additional warmth.

4.     Can my child continue wearing the old uniform?

Yes. Students who have the old style uniform in good condition can wear it until the end of the 2015 school year. After that, all students are expected to wear the new uniform.

5.       My child needs a new jumper but the rest of their old style uniform is OK. Can my child wear some of the old uniform and some of the new?

No. Items from the two versions cannot be worn together. Students must be in either the full old style uniform or the full new uniform. They could however, wear different summer and winter versions. For example, if a girl’s older style summer dress is very short or worn thin, she could purchase the new dress [and jumper and blazer for warmth if required] to wear during terms one and four, and go back to the old style winter uniform in terms two and three. This could only continue until the end of 2015 but would allow parents to stagger the purchase of the new uniform.

6.       If my child has PE period one can they come to school in PE uniform?

Yes provided they are in full MESC PE uniform. They will need to bring along their full regular uniform to change into. The same applies at the end of the day if they have a period 4 PE class.

7.       My son or daughter is competing in interschool sport. What should they wear?

Students representing the college at sport must wear the PE uniform. For many sports the college provides tops for students which means having black shorts as the base. Students may not wear casual clothes to and from school on these occasions. They can wear full MESC sport uniform, or full MESC regular uniform and change into sports gear at the event.

8.       My son is in the new uniform and he doesn’t feel the cold. Can he wear shorts and the short sleeved shirt whilst at school in winter?

No. We have listened to parents/student’s concerns in relation to this and school council feels that whilst compromising by allowing students to wear shorts in winter, they must wear the long sleeved shirt if no jumper is worn. If the jumper is worn, then the short sleeved shirt is allowable as the sleeves are not visible. There are defined summer and winter uniform periods in place. The blazer is compulsory in the winter periods of terms two and three.