Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Mount Eliza Secondary College (8102) – 2018-2021 – School Strategic Plan

School Vision

At Mount Eliza Secondary College a collaborative and personalised approach supports students and staff as active learners. We work to empower students to be their best by questioning their experiences, expressing themselves with confidence and participating in local, national and global communities. As an International Baccalaureate Candidate School our program at years 7 – 9 focuses on the building of capabilities that are cross curricula and transferable. We are committed to safety and wellbeing for all young people and this is the primary focus of our care and decision making. Our motto is ‘Educated for excellence, Prepared for life’ and this is reflected in the setting of high expectations for students, staff and our community. As a smaller secondary school setting we use our knowledge of, and close relationships with our students to focus on a learning experience which is both challenging and supportive. The same approach is applied to all members of staff whose work environment reflects an expectation for life-long learning. In preparing students for their future, opportunities to make improvements in the way in which they go about their learning and interact with others is specifically taught, reflected upon and further developed.

School Values

Our driving values are Happy, Smart, Prepared. Because we believe that no student can learn unless wellbeing needs are met, and that being ‘smart’ can be demonstrated in many ways, our programs are broad and inclusive and allow for recognition and success beyond the traditional areas of study. We are also committed to the future of every student after school, and provide genuine learning opportunities for the broadest range of skills and attitudes required to support this commitment.