1-to-1 Notebook Program

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Mount Eliza Secondary College is committed to providing our students with access to learning technologies and online learning.  In 2020, our BYOD notebook Program aims to improve student engagement in regular classes and provide enhanced teaching and learning practices for both students and teachers. These programs have been successfully implemented in Australia and overseas and the most dramatic improvements have taken place in environments where students have had their own mobile learning device.  In addition, we provide access to Microsoft Office 365 for students. This allows students to install Microsoft Office on up to 5 computers at home to allow students to use a consistent application platform on any device they wish to use at home.  This is an exciting opportunity for all students to have improved access to learning technologies and online learning.

After consultation with staff and school council, we are recommending the Lenovo Yoga 11e tablet device for year 7’s beginning in 2020.  This device provides the flexibility of using it as a touch screen tablet and as a traditional notebook.  In addition, there is the added benefit of a stylus which can annotate anything displayed on the screen and can be used to practice drawing/painting skills.  The benefit of the stylus is that it has greater precision over using a finger.

Mount Eliza Secondary College is currently in the process of selecting a suitable supplier to provide the recommended device through an online portal.  Through this portal, there will be flexible payment options available to parents.  Once this is set up, parents will be contacted with further information.

Please direct any enquiries to info@mesc.vic.edu.au.

How to purchase

Devices can be purchased through the following supplier.

Learning with Technologies (LWT)

Please click below to enter the LWT purchasing portal.

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Frequently asked questions

Does my year 7 child need to purchase the recommended device?

The devices recommended are have been tested & proven for durability within a school environment and we have the ability to fully support the software and hardware with this device.  We can log any warranty jobs on your behalf and a technician will arrive onsite to repair any faulty device (provided the 3 year onsite warranty and has been purchased).  If you choose another device, the software and hardware support is entirely your responsibility.


Do students already attending the college from Year 8-12 need to purchase a notebook to replace their iPad?

We recognise the need to transition from the iPad program to the notebook program.  This will take place over the next few years until all students have transitioned to the notebook program.  In 2020 we will continue to support the existing iPads for students in Years 8-12.  If students are needing to replacing a device, students are welcome to purchase a notebook instead of an iPad.