2015 Annual Report to the School Community

Mount Eliza Secondary is a medium sized secondary college with three principal class officers, forty six EFT teachers and eighteen Education Support Staff. It has long been known for its caring and dedicated approach to its students, the calibre of young people who attend, and the support of its parent community. These factors remain as strengths of the college as does our desire for continuous improvement, and a commitment to remain as one of the highest performing government colleges in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas.

The major focus for our work during 2015 has been to:

  1. Enhance teacher capacity
  2. Rigorously implement a culture of high expectations
  3. Rebadge the college as a provider of high quality teaching and learning for all students


The shift in the college culture during 2015 was significant with a whole of college focus based on accountability and consistency. During that period, our belief in genuine improvement and meeting the needs of our highly capable students resulted in numerous developments. These included the embedding of year level based teams and our strong Mentor program, the use of weekly two hour staff professional learning sessions to enable our workforce to develop our skills together and with common purpose, the use of Compass to facilitate parent communication and involvement, and the focus on the work of our high quality leaders to lead each of the year level teams. We also further developed Hands on Learning to support students at risk, and Real Time Learning in years seven and eight to enable the development of a truly personalized and relevant approach to learning. With the developments that also occurred in our VCAL and Personal Futures programs, our connections to the local community have increased enormously, enabling our students to learn in an environment whereby they are truly making a difference to the lives of others.

At Mount Eliza Secondary College we believe that we have an obligation to our students.  This informs our work on an ongoing basis and makes us confident that we can provide a learning environment of the highest quality. We also know that as a smaller college, we can offer a degree of personalization not possible in larger settings and we are genuinely excited about our future.

Full details of our 2015 Annual Report to the School Community can be found at the following link

A2015 Annual Report to the School Community