Enhanced Performance Program

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“The Enhanced Performance Program supports our focus on high expectations and student directed learning and is an excellent ‘next step’ for students who have experienced the PYP in primary school.  It is also an opportunity for all students to set goals, challenge themselves, and be supported in their learning.”

EPP Application

What is it and how does it differ from other schools’ programs?
The EPP is an approach designed to recognise the broad range of student talents across all aspects of school life. Unlike other programs, it allows all highly capable students to be challenged regardless of their area of strength

Who can apply?
Any current year 6 student considering enrolment at Mount Eliza Secondary

Which areas does it apply to?
All areas where a student feels he or she excels: for example, English, Maths, Sport, Leadership, Art, Music, Personal Learning, Community work

How does it work?
Students apply to be an EPP member providing evidence of their success
Successful students can also be considered for a scholarship in their area of strength