Steiner @ MESC

Steiner education is an  integrated, holistic educational approach, designed to provide a balance of intellectual, artistic, imaginative capabilities and practical life skills. The Steiner curriculum is based on the unfolding development of the child at each important stage of growth, with a strong emphasis on teaching through the arts and experiential learning. Teachers tell age appropriate stories from the early years through to high school. These rich tales of magic, adventure, courage, mythology and culture, ancient wisdom, dreaming stories and biographies assist children’s growing understanding and appreciation of their world, human civilisation and history.
Adolescence is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood, characterised by rigorous intellectual  development. Students are ready to move into the adult domain where their conceptual capacity and ability for objective evaluation and judgment becomes more refined and sophisticated.

Our students in class 7 and 8 are encouraged  to debate, question, observe, analyse and form conclusions from their own experience.

Mount Eliza Secondary College students experience a broad-ranging curriculum, both academic and artistic, positive and optimistic, exemplifying the strength of the human spirit. This builds the capacity for courage, confidence and resilience to go out into the world with a strong sense of self and ethical values.

Download the presentation file below for further information about the Steiner stream at Mount Eliza Secondary College.

Steiner information evening presentation